Topic for the report

How to choose topic for the report?

Initially, to write the report, it is worthwhile to understand why it is needed, the main purpose and what is required to be considered in it. A report is one of the types of homework of a student, in which he discloses in detail the designated topic (chosen by him or given by the teacher). If you choose the topic for the report yourself, then take the one that will be most interesting to you and, possibly, even useful, otherwise you will be stuck even with introduction. If the topic was suggested by the teacher, then take it seriously, even if it does not really appeal to you. Where to get the right information for the report The material for the report can be taken on the Internet or the library. Please note that most of the information on the web is articles without the original source and references to it. Consequently, they do not carry the scientific significance that should be in your report. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you alternate books with virtual links. Writing the main part of the report When you have already chosen the topic and found the sources of literature, it is worthwhile to proceed to the writing of the report itself. First make a plan that you will follow in your work. In it, briefly indicate the main idea and sequence of what you will consider and in what order. Next, proceed to writing the report itself according to the following scheme: indicate the main idea and the main terms with their explanations related to it (this will be the first chapter of your report). Describe the scientists and their research in this field (these will be the next chapters in the work). Write a conclusion in which, in a few words, tell us what was considered by you earlier and what conclusions can be drawn from this. Also, indicate recommendations for further (deeper) study of this issue. Preparation of the report After you write the text itself, pay special attention to the design of the report. First, see for yourself or ask someone to check the spelling and punctuation in your work. Then go to the design itself. Here, pays special attention to the font, borders, indents and so on. Additional tips for writing a report The report should consider several of the authors’ works on your topic, if all the work is based on one, it will underestimate you. Some books can be found not only in ordinary libraries, but also in virtual libraries. This will save you a lot of time. It is not necessary to write a report on a size exceeding 10 pages, since the work will be more like an abstract, which implies that you performed the task incorrectly. If you do not understand how to write or write a job, then find the essay writing services and online reports, where experienced essay writer work to help you cope with this task.


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Foundation of formatting an essay

Sooner or later, every student has to write reports or high college essays various topics. However, it is not enough to pick up the necessary material and work it out. A document for a student at a university, college still need to be properly written. Fundamental requirements What is the proper formatting of the report? To type the text, you need to use the Times New Roman font. The optimum size is assumed to be 12 pt. In this case, you need to print the text after 1.5 intervals. To other features of registration of certification work it is necessary to include the account of parameters of fields: the top part – 30 mm; right and left parts – 25 mm; bottom – 20 mm. Separate attention deserves the design of the title page of the work. The first page of the report is obliged to carry as much information as possible. It gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the following information: subjects; data on the speaker; name of company; course and group number; year of writing; information about the examining teacher, including his position and academic degree, if he has one. It is important to remember the rules for writing sub-headings. They are necessarily typed in lowercase. The letters are used 14 pins; the words must be aligned strictly in the center. At first glance, there are many requirements, but it is quite easy to take them into account. If there are any doubts about the literacy of the work, it is worthwhile to entrust its creation to professionals. For example, find a good copywriting agency or essay writing service. Key notation What else does the report require? This is the correct use of pictures. If student work involves the introduction of illustrations, then the images should be clear. No fragments that are weakly or inconveniently read, should not be on them. Illustrations are made in black and white. Signatures to illustrations are required. The text under the picture is typed in bold, 10 pins. Each image in the report is assigned its own number. The same goes for the tables in the text. For this purpose, the following designation is used: “Table 2”. If the mark is put for illustration, the designation becomes “Fig. 3 “. Designing a list of literature When preparing a report, it is very important to create a special unit devoted to the bibliographic apparatus. The list of used literature is necessarily numbered. As a rule, the order is determined by the citation order in the text of the work itself. At the same time, the corresponding number is indicated in the required places. The figure is “locked” in square brackets, it looks like this: [6]. Directly the list of used literature is formed at the end of the certification work. As a rule, in the reports this information block is marked as “Literature”. If the sources used were not published, references to them are considered inadmissible. The volume of the work and its format Most of the university teachers indicate that the work should not be more than 5 pages. The volume is calculated taking into account the tables and the illustrations. If the report is submitted for inclusion in the collection, the material is presented in two versions. The work is provided in hard copy (2 copies) and electronic. For such a document, the RTF format is used. For the material to be compact, it must be archived. The material will necessarily need to be enclosed by experts. It is this addition that indicates the possibility of publication of the work. Also the material should be approved by the project manager. The work must be sealed by the seal of the organization for which it is being executed.


Factors for assessing the essay

If you write an essay not on your own topic, but by the instructions of the teacher, he will definitely evaluate it. Of course, I want to get the highest score, but for this it is necessary to know what criteria will be checked. All this is well known to the authors of services for writing essays, but in this article you will get good knowledge and will be able to do without the help of these agencies. In addition, the customers themselves leave feedback on the work of the authors, of which the rating is formed. So you can, based on him, choose a personal specialist. In any case, we offer you to get acquainted with some of the criteria that teachers rely on when checking an essay. Degree of comprehension of theoretical material, clarity of the concepts under consideration, their completeness; availability of relevant examples; all concepts must be strictly on the topic; moderate emotionality (do not turn essays into diary entries) Analytical part of the essay is a competent analysis of the problem; methods of analysis are diverse (comparison, generalization, etc.) and used correctly; there is a different, alternative point of view on the problem; there is a personal attitude to the problem. The logic of judgments shows a logical connection between theses; evidence is clearly derived from judgments; the presentation is clear and concise; all essays must be sustained in a single style. Your work should be unique. Try to find such detail in a problem that no one noticed. Then such work will be of interest to the teacher, and he will be much more loyal when assessing your essay. More information about it you can get from the article “How to write an essay?” in our service. After writing a job, perform a small exercise. Count how many words each separate paragraph contains. And sign them with the letters “K” (short), “C” (medium), “D” (long). “K” – up to 20 words; “C” – from 20 to 40 words; “D” – more than 40 words. The most advantageous option would be approximately the following sequence: C K S D C K. With this construction of the narrative, the narrative becomes the most dynamic. An incorrect essay will look, for example, in this way: K C K S D D. This is really important, since an experienced teacher immediately pays attention to the length of paragraphs, and if you write them not measurable to each other – the structure, design and general appearance of the article are disrupted.


Scientific novelty

In the process of writing a thesis, you have to formulate many points. This especially applies to the introduction. Here you build the backbone of the work. You must clearly write the relevance of the work, its goals, objectives, research methods, etc. To such points is the scientific novelty. This is similar to the urgency, but concerns only the scientific aspect. Thousands of diplomas are defended every year. Naturally, the point is to write about something new. Roughly speaking, this is the highlight of your work. If you do not even know what it is, let’s try to determine. What is scientific novelty? Diploma is the result of your education. You must invest in it everything you have learned, all the knowledge, and the skills that you have acquired. Here you must use imagination and interest in the topic. Creative thinking will help. You have to understand perfectly well that worn-out topics and beaten questions bore the commission, so if you are good at inventing novelty, it will be 50% of success. Novelty stands out in diplomas of any specialty, both technical branches of science, and humanitarian. This can be a special research method that will give new results, new knowledge that you got during the research, an unusual approach to revealing the topic, etc. You should not only come up with a feature of your work, but also justify it. It should be logical arguments in defense of your scientific novelty. What can be the novelty? More specifically, the novelty can be distinguished from the following items: Subject. You take an absolutely new subject of research; which no one has ever dealt with before. It can be any innovation. Goal. If you want to get some new results that no one has reached before. Method. If this method is not used in this area. Material. Nobody used this source or theory in research, no one turned to publications, etc. Result. You took the hypothesis and achieved what nobody had previously been able to do. How to prove it? You have to prove that your novelty is really new. You can do this as follows: You take the proven facts from legitimate sources, which prove that your topic has never been such in science before. Analyze the literature and choose facts in support of its novelty. Provide evidence that earlier this information (methods, etc.) was not used and was not studied. In the practical part, you prove that you have obtained new results. Prove that these results are important. An example of the formulation of novelty is to study the nature of the relationship between the motivation of achievement and the success of work activity on the example of specific subjects of work activity – managers of a modern commercial trade organization. Errors in novelty: The description is blurred Differences are not highlighted Do not belong to the research topic Are practical in nature  Scientific novelty, perhaps, is the most difficult thing to think of in the introduction to the thesis work. An example of the scientific novelty of the thesis can help formulate it, but each must be unique. If you have difficulty with the wording of the novelty of the work or its other parts, you can ask for help from qualified essays writers who work for the online essay writing essay. They prepared a lot of unique works. To the writing of each diploma they are creative and individual!

Admission project

The practical part of the admission project

This part of the thesis is the most important component of the whole project. It is impossible to achieve a positive evaluation without it. The work consisting only of the theoretical part of the diploma, perhaps, will receive such a bad mark, but will be evaluated as a rewriting of textbooks. If you do not have enough time and effort for such a difficult job, you can be content with a satisfactory assessment, or you can simply order work in the essay writing service. It’s simple and inexpensive. You set the price yourself, and the authors are fighting for your order. The final performer is determined only by you and communicate with him directly. And for those who like to do everything themselves, we offer the basic rules for writing a practical part. Features of writing the practical part The practical part should be logically connected with the theoretical. All theoretical positions should be demonstrated practically. The basis of the practical part is data on the object of research. For a lawyer, these are the data of judicial practice, for a journalist these are several issues of the journal, for the accountant – the reporting of a firm. During the analysis, problems are identified, and ways of solving it are developed. Structure The practical part of the diploma project includes 3 subsections: project development and its justification; the results expected by the student; development of methods for solving the problem. How to make out these structural parts, read in the article “How to apply for a diploma?” on our service. Analysis To carry out an analysis of the enterprise, judicial practice, journal, accounting statements or anything, it is necessary to develop a methodology. For various spheres of life, there are many different research methods that can be found in textbooks, theses and the Internet. However, it may happen that there is simply no specific method of analysis for this work. Then you need to develop it yourself. In this matter, it is best to work together with the scientific adviser or to entrust this to a professional on our website. Conclusions In the conclusion of this part of the work, it is necessary to prescribe the conclusions to which the student came during the analysis of the object of research. It is best to start comments and conclusions with the words: “so”, “accordingly”, “thus”, etc. These are the main elements of the practical part of the thesis. Here the student shows what he has learned over the years of training, proves his worth as a specialist, shows extraordinary abilities. In this part of the diploma is best to invest maximum effort. It is studied in detail by the attestation commission. If there is no analysis, statement of the problem and ways to solve it, the diploma turns into a regular essay.